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Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Coleman, I began Jeffsjen after my boys left for college and the hubby and I became empty nesters. I wanted to look into my creative side and get a hobby.  I began making jewelry for a number of years and I did very well but I quickly got bored. I love all things vintage and I saw the most adorable jacket online; it was created from an old quilt!! My grandmother quilted and I loved the handmade vintage quilts. My research found a few people who did this type of art but very few. The biggest voice in this fashion trend sold their jackets for $800-1500 each!  I thought I could do this for a much more affordable price. My hubby had given me a sewing machine 3 years earlier so I got on YouTube, learned to sew and… Thus began my business!

A woman sitting on stone stairs wearing a pink quilt jacket.

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A woman outdoors in a quilted jacket.
Three women with their heads together.
A hand holding quilted fabric.
A woman outdoors in a quilted jacket.
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