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About the Maker

My love of quilts began when I would go with my grandmother to the community house to quilt. The ladies would lower the quilt frame from the ceiling and scoot their chairs up to the quilt and sew and visit. Through my grandmother, I learned the importance of preserving quilts and the stories they tell, which I strive to do in my own work.

Three women wearing quilt jackets by a lake.

Repurposed Vintage Quilt Jackets 

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A woman showing a tag on a jacket.


Welcome to Jeff's Jen Designs – home to one-of-a-kind vintage quilt jackets. I'm Jennifer and I'm passionate about rescuing quilts that I find at estate sales, yard sales or thrift stores and turning them into stylish and fashionable jackets. I take great pride in the work I do, and the attention to detail I put into each piece.

Our Styles in Action

OMG!!! It's beautiful!!! I just love it Jennifer!! Thank you so much for sending me this creation. I will wear it in good health with Thank You!!! Thank you!!!


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